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I am a 23 year old disinterested student for a dreary eight months of the year and a content forest fire fighter for the remaining, delightful, four months. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but have lived most of my life in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Bill inspired me to put this blog together, although I am still unsure of its natural state. With each day that passes I know I am getting closer to that blinding light which is I am happy now, but things have barely just begun. I have had three seperate majors in univeristy and enjoyed two of them, but finished none of them. My desire to travel and learn is very strong, but I still have a year and a half left on my sentence. I could escape at any time. It is only a metaphorical prison, but the forces keeping me inside are mighty and I am almost content to stay the duration. In my life I have wanted to become a fireman, a policeman, a professional basketball player, a teacher, a famous movie star, a surfer, a hermit, a writer and most recently, a vagabond. I think the vagabond and the writer and the professional basketball player still hold strong, but it is very unlikely that I will ever be a pro basketball player. I have no future ambitions other than to travel. Once I hit the road I feel that the rest will fall into place, perhaps with a little effort on my part here and there. I have been all over Canada and the U.S., but have never been overseas. I hate group work because I rather do it myself. I like writing...especially excessively long emails with lousy punctuation. I love and hate watching the Toronto Raptors. The best trip I have ever been on was in Hawaii. I like laid back music, but I like music that makes me want to move...Jack Johnson. I think the underground scene is pop culture at its finest, but many are drawn to it because it is different. I used to wear many labels and sometimes I still do, but the difference now is that I could not care less. I love jeopardy and I love to read Kerouac, Thompson and it goes from there. I'm trying to teach myself to play the guitar and the best thing is that you can't get any worse when you absolutely suck. I'm a dedicated "people watcher" and find myself often questioning everything and everyone I see. I love the experience of going to the movies and I love doing things that I have never done before...such as this blog....

A few things have changed - I love viewing change in such a condensed manner that it allows for a flush feeling of hope - since I last wrote a biography. Also, I'm near 25 years old. And now I wonder how anyone can ever be satisfied with finishing an autobiography or compiling a memoir. I doubt very much I would be able to read such a thing. You know what would be really interesting? A compiled memoir done over time, with an apparent contrast in writing styles over the years. Anyway, most of the good stuff is all the same; still born in Nova Scotia - well, not stillborn, but yes, I still, originally, hail from Halifax. I'm less of a disinterested student now then I was. I took last year "off." If you are around my age you generally realize that to mean that I did not go to school last year, but, instead, I took a jaunt on down to Costa Rica; my writings of late were mostly pieces of that trip. Greatest thing I have accomplished to date - yes, I thought about it. This year I'm back at school and hoping that graduation will be my new greatest accomplishment come April. Of course, I won't be attending the ceremony because the reason this will be my new greatest accomplishment is for the simple fact that it will sit me down at a crossroads, maybe a junction of sorts, with a solid choice of several directions to burn off a fresh belly of fuel. Wherever I go, whichever path I choose, I will go for miles on end until I leave behind what is 'old' and find what is 'new.' I hope to carry on this way for some time. I feed on the new. I love to be in a constant state of, adventure.

I think I might graduate... with a degree in Philosophy. It's ok, I have heard it all. And, yes, I am a waiter. Got the job before I even graduated. Whodda thunk it?

Nobody is giving me any award or anything, nonetheless, there are some people I would like to thank: My family, so kind and loving; a handful of my teachers, grades seven, half of eight, and thirteen; a few other inspiring people, dead and alive; I guess that is it.

I don't know what this will be; what it will end up as, but I love my time with it and its good practice - if not for writing, then for the soul.

25 - soon to be 26 - and living in Ireland. Thoughts and views have changed. The changes are clearly visible in researching the history of this blog.


I just want to see things....sooner or later this will be more red than not...
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