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April 08, 2006


elijah brodus carlone

haha...i just read an article about it, it said "the rapper declined to comment", really snoop said "mannn, FUCK the Po-lice, i ain't got a muthafuckin thing to say!" I've been to two snoop concerts, both of which were filled with entertainment, nice lookin girls, lots of weed and nothing but love for the doggfather. so if snoop ever comes to your neck of the woods, go check him out. 30 somethin and still "the law" can't see he's just tryin to have a little fun. He probably could care less about doing the show, he'll just go coach his kids football team instead. Its funny how "the law" worries about the wrong things, i bet snoop hasnt sold or bought marijuana in the past 15 years...go find some real badasses and ban them from some places

michael wrenshall

dont know much about sn. dog... except the oprionions i get from peers which is probably what you were r writing about.

glad your back writing.... missed it. good piece i think


I guess it's not so much about Snoop as it is about how absurd some things seem to be. I really stressed the wrong points and probably made assumptions that I should not have, because we all know what happens when people make assupmtions . . . .

I really think that people do things bass ackwards a lot of the time. And I can't really see any legitimate justification in disallowing the ol' Doggy Dogg a little concert time in LV,NV.

Of course, I agree that he (Snoop) never gave two poops about the whole thing, though I'm sure he feels that the whole situation is ridiculous, just as I do.

I hope that all of the authorities involved feel a lot of relief now that they have quelled the shootings and violence in Las Vegas by locking out a popstar.

elijah brodus carlone

well said...the world would be a better place if everyone had a little snoop in them

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