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April 19, 2006



i share many of the same thoughts...almost all actually. it would have been much easier to live as a caveman, when u would have had no choice but to survive and do what you had to do. there would be no decisions to make, no standards to live up to and no definition of successful to which we feel we have to mould ourselves into. make offspring, eat, sleep and take in the still green and aromatic surroundings which must have been so relaxing when u werent being chased by a sabre tooth tiger


it really is weird...but i think that many small 'epiphanies' can actually be more powerful than one large striking anomaly..not that you are waiting for something huge. i am not so much older than you guys...but i can tell you that things have an odd way of sorting themselves out...one day you will wake up in another bed...another country....beside another person...who knows..and these things can really change how you perceive the world around you...what the hell am i doing in ireland? why did i live in tokyo? i am the 'home body' and now i am in a bizarre world...and, you know what? life is pretty good. my job is great, but there is still a dink in every job...people litter...everyone still needs to improve on a lot of areas...but people are making their way through...happily...it sounds a wee bit frommage-ee but enjoy your time of limbo...cause once you know what to do...then it feels like you never get the time or chance to decide...to be flexible...to make changes....so the fire continues to burn...just takes a new direction...but yes, it is amazing how something so small can change or impact one in such a profound way...

one little example...we were out and about...it started raining like mad...because we had some bags, we decided to hair a cab home...on the 3rd hail, and lovely guy pulled up and gave us a lift..(incidently: he is the first person in dubin to say 'where are you from' instead of 'what part of america are you from?'...so we got to talking and we said we were living in tokyo..and he was intrigued....said things had been going really rough...and that he needed a change...and driving a taxi was good for a bit...but he needed an epiphany! we gave him the info about japan...and he said he was off! i bet he is there now...all by chance...ya wake up one morning.,..and by the time you go to bed...you have all but committed to schleppign tothe other side of the world...just cause of someone you met..by chance...i am a big believer of 'things happed for a reason'....kay....i can babble all night...but be semi-aware of the subtle offers and suggestions...one might be for you...


I could not say it better than tasha...she was brilliant


I wholly agree with the whole bit about the many tiny epiphanies that occur on a daily basis. I guess what it is I am looking for is that wisdom/knowledge/understanding to blossom inside of me and assure me that this is how things are. I wait for the feeling of comfort within this environment to fill me. But even this seems a little useless because I don't actually know what I am waiting for or why I am waiting for it. I don't even know what IT is. I just assume most things, as we can do no more. Now, let's talk AMAZING!


The past is gone...

and the future isn't here yet.

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