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January 24, 2006



hi pig, this is my first night alone. hate being alone when those i love are so far away. love being alone when i know they are close. go figure.

as a result of my pathetic loneliness, i decided to surf and remembered your blog! you sure can write. hope Seattle was good an inspiring to you tonight.

just for the record, i find that reading your blogs makes me understand you so much better. an obvious statement, but i mention it because you are, as a matter of fact, my mysterious younger brother. i know you and yet there is so much i don't know.

i am so glad you decided to stay in TBay and get on with your degree...why i'm happy has nothing to do with that in and of itself. it's because selfishly, i feel that i have finally been given this great opportunity to get to know you.

who knew 7 years age difference would be such an impediment?

i marvel at who you are and who you're becoming. i'm so proud of you. you're so good to piper and we enjoy you so much.

yeah i'm a suck. guess i can't even blame it on the fandamily being away. you know the truth... cause you know me!

love you bro

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